Louup is an original product from a young and creative team.

Louup, create a new heart, youth and nature

Sweet and exclusive, white head love.

Louup made him tough and cross the mountains

Let them join hands to reach the top of the mountain

When you first meet, you can't get tired of it for a long time

love at first sight






As a trend brand of original interesting products, taoai is positioned as "simple, advanced, trendy and fashionable" and always adheres to the pursuit of high quality.


Tiao'ai emphasizes young people's personality and self, encourages them to be young and free, so as to let them break through the secular prejudice and explore the real love world. In order to bring higher quality emotional products to consumers,

The team attaches great importance to product research and development, adheres to the independent and high-quality R & D mode, and has established an independent R & D laboratory in Beijing, committed to the research and development of a series of formula and a variety of products of Tiaohe Xintang.


Tuo'ai candy series is a fashionable candy for young people developed by tiao'ai team. It uses small molecular peptides of deep sea cucumber collagen imported from Malaysia as the core raw material, supplemented by lycopene, pumpkin seeds, and

Red raspberry powder and other natural plant extract ingredients, with the help of high-tech embedding and direct pressing technology, to create a peach flavor of tiaohai Xiaohong tablets. With the stimulation of taste buds, the sweet peach flavor permeates the whole mouth,

There is every nerve that stirs you, gives you an unforgettable memory.


At present, tiao'ai heart candy series has come into the market, and the fragrance series is in the process of research and development. Please look forward to